What Is Sound Healing?

"Everything is vibration." ~Albert Einstein

We are a collection of atoms and molecules that form our physical bodies. Each of these atoms is constructed of energy, each holding its own vibrational frequency. When we become out of alignment from the daily stresses of life, our cells and atoms become out of alignment, too. This misalignment, or blockage, can create body aches, premature aging, as well as physical and mental illness.


Sound healing rejuvenates the body by realigning the cells and atoms to their true vibrational frequencies. For thousands of years, the world over, sound has been used for promoting healing and creating deep states of well being and relaxation.  A complete immersion experience will help you to feel balanced. It will calm the mind, relieve tension and stress from the body, and will leave you feeling renewed and rejuvenated.

How Long Is A Session?

Our offerings include 60 and 90-minute sessions that provide clients the space to relax, unwind, and reach deeper meditative states. We are available for both public and private bookings in a variety of settings, including yoga studios, private residences, parks, offices, as well as retreats and other special events.

What About Guided Meditation?

We enjoy facilitating theme-based guided meditations at our sound baths, because we find this creates a deeper, more meaningful experience for our clients. We can customize our sound bath experience with a guided meditation of your choice, or allow us to create a theme for you. Some examples of themes include Creating a Peaceful Heart, Full Moon, New Moon, Equinox, Solstice, Mother's Day, New Beginnings, Self-love, Earth Day, Balance, and the Chakra System.

What Do I Bring?

It is recommended to bring a yoga mat, pillow, and light blanket. We encourage you to be comfortable for the duration of the experience. Wear comfortable clothing and bring water to drink.


It is suggested to arrive early to get yourself setup so that you are relaxed and ready to receive the complete immersion experience. Some venues may close their doors upon the start time for an uninterrupted session. 


Some public locations may have additional mats available; please check each venue for specific details.

What Does Anahata Mousai Mean?

Anahata is Sanskrit for the heart chakra. It is the definition of unconditional love, compassion, and joy. It is the central chakra of the basic seven and bridges the lower and upper chakras. 

Mousai is Greek for muses. The Greek mousai were goddesses of song, music, and dance and the source of inspiration to poets.

Anahata Mousai = Muses of the Heart

(pronounced Ah-nah-HA-tah moo-SA-i)