"What a powerful sound experience.  I so enjoyed having all the different sound instruments, especially big gongs and the didgeridoo. The time went too fast. I wanted more."  R. Bass

"Truly amazing. Each sound taps into the heart of the human experience." Marlena


"This was an amazing experience.  I loved the use of various instruments and different sounds.  I really loved the stereo effect of the sounds moving around you as the instruments moved through the room.  Amazing.  Thank you!" J. Smith


"This was my first time attending a ceremony like this.  It was definitely an awesome experience releasing some thoughts and energy out.  Thanks!"  V. Montalvan


"Again, very peaceful, very balancing.  I love coming to your sound baths!  I find them very healing.  You all hold the Sacred Space very well.  Thank you."  J. Alcantar


"This was a wonderful experience.  I felt relaxed and free.  My mind was at ease and my body was stress-free and natural. It felt good."  Monette


"I loved it!  The closing was beautiful, nice, and slow transition.  I also really loved the meditation...so much gratitude!"   M. Duman


"I enjoyed the experience very much and want to do it again.  Beautiful sounds, especially the rainstick and didgeridoo."  G. Nieto


"Thank you for sharing your loveliness with us.  As I'm sure you've heard before...extraordinary!  Much love!"  S.M.


"One of the most amazing and relaxing experiences I've ever experienced."  K. Courson


"I seriously had an outer body experience. Thank you for an amazing hour of relaxation. You are all amazing."  I. Stennette


"I liked the combination of multiple sounds and the profound atmosphere."  A.C.


"This was so calming and I feel so energized and centered."  K. Smith


"One of the most spiritual moments of my life.  The way the sound filled my soul, each one healing a part of me.  Amazing."  J. Thorne

"Absolutely fantastic sounds and performance by all of you.  This was my first sound bath and now I will be going to more."  E. Briur


"Moving and emotional.  Absolutely beautiful and powerful from head to toe!  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!"  J. Robinson 

"I loved the interplay of the base sounds and harmonies.  Totally relaxing.  Thank you."  Terry C.

"What a rich experience.  I am always looking to deepen my relationship with myself, with nature, and with the universe, and I am so grateful to feel so much closer to those things. Thank you!"

L. Beg

"Thank you. Absolutely beautiful. My entire body and soul felt it all. Such a blessing. Lots of gratitude for my healing."  S. McCray

"Thank you very much for sharing your wonderful talents with all of us.  I loved this amazing journey that I was to take while you all held the sacred space for us."  J. Alacantar

"Beautiful. Calming. Emotional. I am so grateful for your spirit and skill. It was easy to forget I was in a room full of others. I felt alone with sound."  K. Wilson

"Thank you for this lovely experience. I feel soothed. Grateful for all of you, the beautiful sound energy, our Mother Earth. My soul thanks you!"  D. Sikich

"Thank you for the sound healing on Earth Day. It was my first time and I'd love to do it again. I feel peaceful and beloved. Much love."  

E. Clark

"I really enjoyed the sound bath for Earth Day. The sound bath not only keeps me calm but also supports me to connect with the earth. I am very thankful for that! Thank you so much!!!"   N. Tran

"Thank you for such a wonderfully relaxing experience. It felt like we were surrounded by calm and beauty. We enjoyed every moment!"  The Baileys

"I've never been through a sound bath that was so full and rich and resonant with indescribable, soaring energy! You are all expert at allowing the divine flow to move through you, as you, and out to others. Thank you!"  J. Zeok


"My husband and myself had the privilege to hear these ladies and we were amazed at the experience, a must for anyone looking to relax and destress, a healing journey that can be enjoyed by everyone. Namaste!"  V. Davis

"It was the best sound bath I’ve ever experienced. You are all such kind loving and TALENTED people. It was such a peaceful and relaxing experience. I am so looking forward to the next one!!"  

J. St. Jude


"This was my second sound bath with these talented women and it was wonderfully relaxing and healing. I now feel grounded and ready for the busyness of the world. Thank you!"  M. Dawkins


"This was the most beautiful experience.  My whole body and mind were encapsulated with the sound and feeling of the bowls and chimes.  A wonderful experience."  M. Cowan

"Very relaxing and comforting as I lay there to enjoy the vibrations around me.  Thank you."  S. Crosthwaite

"Sound coursing through your body like circulating blood-Wow!"  

J. Samols

"Wonderful space adventure.  Loved the didgeridoo!  Thank you!"  

G. Broughal

"Wonderful experience.  The much needed tears and pain were releasing from my body."  R. Loebs

"Amazing and beautiful!  My heart and soul were opened to the possibilities that everything is ok."  K. Koenig

"I was very relaxed. It released stress and pain in my shoulders and back. I enjoyed the session very much."  D. Erskine

"It was such a great experience. It was so peaceful and I had such a great time. I would love to come again."  S. Beg

"Another wonderful and thoroughly delightful session. Will absolutely be at the next one."  Rene

"Such a peaceful and uplifting experience. I am so happy to be on this earth!"  R. Cisneros

"It felt amazing. It felt as though I was being transported to different places at different times."  C. McDougall

"Beautiful! Loved the harmonies and the transcendent experience of the sound bath."  Davina

"Thank you for a wonderful experience! It was amazing!"  Timothy

"My heart thanks you!  It is in connection."  Emily

"Thank you! Humming with beautiful energy. I would recommend to everyone!" M. Piccirillo

"It was amazing.  Relaxing.  It definitely helped me release a lot. Thank you."  L. Solano

"Truly awe inspiring. Beyond peaceful, soothing, and relaxing."  

L.G. Patterson

"Love, love, love...my gratitude is ineffable. Thank you."

T. Whitebread

"Amazing experience, can still feel the sounds in my body."  

M. Luettgerodt


Ahhhmaaazzzzingggg!!!!" J.D. Slayton